Exelpet Capstar Medium & Large Dogs 6 pack


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Fast acting knockdown product which starts killing adult fleas within 30 minutes.
Give one tablet per day when fleas are evident on your pet. Repeat on any subsequent day when fleas are again evident on your pet.
Tablets can be dosed directly ino the mouth, or can be given mixed in a small portion of your pet's favorite food.
Successfully maintaining your pet's health and wellbeing means treating worms and treating preventing fleas at the same time.
Fleas are an unfortunate fact of life and are one of the most common causes of skin disorders on pets. A flea infestation can occur very quickly, particularly during the warmer months when fleas become more active.
Excessive biting by fleas can cause blood loss, skin irritations such as flea allergy dermatitis, and even transmit other parasites such as tapeworm. But while these parasites are a nuisance, destroying them and preventing reinfestation is easy provided you break the flea breeding cycle.

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