Aristopet cat & kitten tabs 2 x 5kg (11lb) tablets


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FINALLY! an exact copy of Drontal Plus cat wormer. This is an all-wormer tablet that controls all 11 gastrointestinal worms in cats and kittens..
To ensure effective worm control, treat all cats in the household at the same time.

One dose will treat:

Roundworm (toxocara canis) and (toxacaris leonina)
Hookworm (ancylostoma caninum), (ancylostoma braziliense) and (uncinaria stenocephala)
Whipworm (trichuris vulpis)
Tapeworm (dipylidium caninum), (taenia ovis), (taenia hydatigena) and (taenia pisiformis)
Hydatid tapeworm (echinoccus granulosus)


Dosage: One tablet per 5kg (11lbs) of body weight.

Active constituents: Each tablet contains:
Pyrantel embonate - 100mg
Praziquantel - 25mg

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